Hõbeoja homes

    The concept of Hõbeoja was born out of respect for nature, history and traditions.

     In Rebala Hõbeoja we believe that the greatest innovation is born while turning back to the roots, working along with nature, drawing power from ancient wisdom. Rebala village is a beautiful homesite on the verge of a forest grove and near the sea. As the eye meets the horizon one can enjoy privacy, primal tranquility and unwind in total serenity. As if from the symbiosis of nature and creation, the new houses on the edge of the forest were born.

     The area is as close to heaven as a passionate golfer and fishing enthusiast can wish for. The peaceful surroundings are perfect for jogging, cycling and skiing. The stables in Rebala village offer great opportunities for horse riding. Children can experience the ideal nature enhanced childhood while running around barefoot on their own lawn and getting the true feeling of rural life.